Capricorn Coast IT have been a great resource for our college over the past few years. They have provided us with excellent pricing for our hardware, as well as providing secure, and reliable website hosting at an affordable price. Capricorn Coast IT are an integral part of our supplier network to ensure we can provide excellent technology for our staff and students.
I often hear of other business owners complaining and reporting of their IT problemsand the poor service they get from their own IT companies. I honestly, over the past 5years, have had absolutely no issue ever that David hasn’t responded to personallyand instantly and in his attending to any matter, has always exceeded myexpectations. He has become a vital and key player in the success of my business andI hope to retain him and his business as my “IT people” for the rest of my businessworking life.
David and the team at Capricorn Coast IT have worked with us for many years.
Not only does he look after our IT services and issues but he also set up our website and handles updates for it.
He is always prompt in returning our calls and answering our questions.
Thank you David, we highly value your service.
We have used David Lawler for our IT needs for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the service we receive, especially how promptly our issues are attended to. We cannot afford downtime in our business and Dave understands that operational requirement and endeavours to minimise any issues we have. He comes on site when required, but often can resolve issues almost instantaneously from his remote location. We find he is able to tailor solutions to our needs and is quite intuitive in his style in that he sets things up in such a way that problems are very rare, or if they occur, quick and easy to resolve.